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Easter in Cyprus | A Vibrant Celebration

The Easter season in Marbella holds great significance and is steeped in age-old customs. It presents an ideal opportunity for introspection and personal growth. This blog will familiarise you with Andalusia’s Easter traditions and Marbella’s schedule during this holy week.


The most significant and long-awaited tradition is that of the procession. During this event, everyone comes together on the streets of Marbella to enjoy the beauty and pray. The procession consists of the images and sculptures that are held inside the church being taken out and carried on large floats with floral embellishments. One can expect to see the Virgins, Christ and the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.

  • The Nazarenos, also known as penitents, are responsible for walking in front of the procession, holding candles and incense. They symbolise the upcoming procession and are dressed in a robe, cape, and caproate.
  • The Mantillas are one of the oldest traditions of Easter Week in Andalusia. It consists of women dressed in mourning clothes with combs in their hair, covered with a lace headscarf. They are a symbol of respect, and also walk along with the procession.
  • La Saeta is one of the most emotional performances of Easter Week. Directed at the carved piece, it is a religious song that is performed, being a symbol of the day of Passion.

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