How to Buy a Property in Cyprus

Our step-by-step guide will navigate you through the property-buying process with ease:

1. Discover the North Cyprus Real Estate Market

Begin your journey by immersing yourself in the captivating North Cyprus real estate market. Explore our comprehensive listings featuring a diverse range of properties, including villas, apartments, and more. Get acquainted with the unique characteristics of each location and familiarize yourself with the latest market trends.

2. Consult with Our Expert Team

At Suntara, our dedicated team of experienced real estate professionals is here to assist you every step of the way. Consult with our knowledgeable agents who specialize in North Cyprus properties. They will listen attentively to your preferences, budget, and lifestyle requirements to help you find your dream property.

3. Property Viewing and Selection

Arrange property viewings with our team to personally explore the options that captivate your interest. We will accompany you on site visits, providing detailed information about each property’s features, amenities, and surrounding areas. Our goal is to ensure you find a property that perfectly aligns with your vision.

4. In-depth Due Diligence

Suntara places a high emphasis on conducting thorough due diligence for your peace of mind. Our team collaborates with trusted legal experts who will meticulously verify all legal aspects of the property. They will conduct searches, review title deeds, and examine any potential encumbrances to ensure a transparent and secure transaction.

5. Offer Negotiation and Assistance

With our guidance, craft a competitive offer tailored to your budget and requirements. Our skilled negotiators will leverage their expertise and industry knowledge to advocate for your best interests. We strive to achieve favorable terms and a smooth negotiation process that satisfies all parties involved.

6. Seamless Legal Support

Suntara works hand-in-hand with reputable solicitors who specialize in North Cyprus property law. They will oversee the preparation of legal documents, ensuring compliance with local regulations and safeguarding your investment. Trust our legal partners to handle all necessary procedures, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

7. Secure Payment and Ownership Transfer

Once the terms are agreed upon, Suntara ensures a secure payment process that prioritizes transparency and convenience. On the completion date, our team will oversee the smooth transfer of property ownership, accompanied by all essential legal documentation. Rest assured, your investment is in safe hands.

8. Continued Support and Services

At Suntara, our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the purchase. We offer comprehensive after-sales support, assisting you with various aspects such as property management, rental services, and recommendations for reliable local service providers. Our goal is to ensure your seamless transition into your new North Cyprus property.

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