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Real Estate Brokerage

We are devoted to offering our clients the best real estate brokerage services as a real estate firm. We assist our customers in every step of their real estate journey with our expertise and market knowledge. In order to fully comprehend our clients’ unique needs, interests, and objectives, we first actively listen to them. We make every effort to match our clients with the most appropriate options from our wide range of properties, whether they are wanting to purchase, sell, or rent a property. We maintain open and honest communication with our clients throughout the brokerage process, informing them of market trends, legal requirements, and any updates pertaining to their transaction. We take the utmost care when handling the papers and documentation to ensure a quick and easy process.

Quality Assurance

At Suntara, we place a high priority on quality. We carefully pick the developers we work with, making sure they live up to our high standards for excellence. In addition, we have a committed group of professionals who actively supervise the building process, giving regular updates and performing exhaustive quality inspections. We keep a high level of control over the properties we offer thanks to our German quality standard and in-depth knowledge of project management. As a result, we can ensure that every property in our portfolio satisfies the highest requirements for workmanship, style, and use. We think that quality is an essential component of our service, not just a trendy catchphrase.

Legal and Tax Advice

Suntara is aware of the complexity of the legal and tax considerations related to real estate transactions. We have a committed team of professionals who are experts in various fields because of this. We go above and beyond to make sure that our customers comprehend the entire purchasing procedure, including all the necessary steps. Our experienced staff walks them through every step of the trip while offering insightful counsel. We value openness and work to inform our clients about potential supplemental fees in order to prevent any unpleasant surprises. We enable our clients to make educated decisions and successfully negotiate the real estate market by providing comprehensive advice and taking legal and tax issues into account. Our goal to delivering a seamless and trouble-free experience is demonstrated by our focus to helping our clients comprehend the complexities of the purchasing process

Furnishing Assistance

At Suntara, we think that having a beautifully decorated and equipped home improves the whole real estate experience. To provide our clients with appealing furnishing options, we team up with reputed furniture retailers and skilled interior designers. We are available to help you design your new home exactly to your preferences, whether you need new furniture to match your area or want a fully customized interior design concept. Our relationships with furniture retailers guarantee access to a broad selection of high-quality furnishings, and our network of talented interior designers contributes creativity and knowledge. With our assistance and know-how, you can turn your home into a distinctive retreat that embodies your own taste and accommodates your practical requirements. We are aware that every customer has unique preferences, and we want your new home to seem like a true expression of your character and way of life.

Immigration Assistance

Suntara is aware that moving to a new nation can be a challenging task. Because of this, we work with knowledgeable partners who are experts in the full resettlement process. Every step of the way, from helping with the preparation and application of all required paperwork to offering counseling during the settlement process in North Cyprus, our committed team is available to serve our customers. We value a smooth transition and work hard to make sure that our clients’ relocations go as smoothly as possible. We provide thorough guidance and knowledge to streamline the resettlement process, whether it is with obtaining residence permits, understanding legal regulations, or getting access to necessary services. Our promise is to offer our customers the resources and support they require to feel at home in their new residence. At Suntara, we’re committed to assisting our clients confidently embrace their new lives in North Cyprus by working as quickly and efficiently as we can during the relocation process.

After-Sales Support

Suntara’s dedication to its customers goes long beyond the original transaction. We sincerely care about our clients’ long-term pleasure and satisfaction with the home they have selected. For this reason, we offer continuing support and help in order to handle any potential problems in the future. We are aware that unforeseen events or difficulties can happen, and our devoted support team is always on hand to offer prompt solutions. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients’ peace of mind, whether it is by addressing maintenance issues, organizing repairs, or taking care of any other pertinent issues. Our support staff has the knowledge and tools needed to resolve a variety of difficulties quickly and effectively. At Suntara, we value our clients’ continuous pleasure and work to forge lasting partnerships with them. Our clients may feel secure knowing that they have a dependable partner by their side who is prepared to help them whenever they need it thanks to our extensive support services.

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